May 28, 2021

The Weekly Wrap-up

Week 21 (May 24)

This week, Congressman Correa spent the week meeting with constituents and local stakeholders. 

The House was out of sessions, and Members participated in a Committee Work Week. Congressman Correa joined the 

Finally, President Joe Biden released his first budget, detailing a long-overdue investment in the American people. The budget would help communities just like ours and aims to prepare the United States to compete in the modern world.

The Weekly Rundown

Congressman Correa joined in a meeting with doctors and dentists to learn more about their fields, and discuss new strategies to improve access to care for all Americans.

In preparation for the United States to fully reopen, Congressman Correa joined his colleagues for a bipartisan meeting with leaders of domestic airlines to discuss how to keep passengers safe as we get back to normal. 

Congressman Correa joined his colleagues on the House Agriculture Committee for a bipartisan briefing on how food travels from farms to markets across the country and what Congress can do to help farmers and families.

Congressman Correa and his colleagues on the House Blue Dog Coalition met with USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack to discuss food safety, SNAP, and other issues important to everyday Americans.

On Wednesday, Congressman Correa attended the funeral of a constituent who recently passed.

Congressman Correa met with representatives from the local Chamber of Commerce to hear from local businesses and learn what they need to get back on their feet and back to normal.

Congressman Correa joined his colleagues for a meeting with Leon Panetta to discuss the federal budget and strategies to invest in Americans while being fiscally responsible.

Congressman Correa spoke at a roundtable on the importance of community representation, where he urged community members to get involved in the issues that matter to them.

Congressman Correa applauded President Biden’s first budget proposal.

This Week’s Votes

Congress is out of session this week. Congress is back in session on June 15. 

Catch Us In The News

Looking Ahead

Next week is a District Work Week. Congressman Correa will continue meeting with constituents and working for Orange County families. 

More next week. Stay tuned!