• Environment

    To preserve our environment for future generations, Congressman Correa believes it is crucial to examine all possible threats to the environment. He strives for a future where Americans can work towards energy independence without harming the environment. Congressman Correa is working hard to ensure the Environmental Protection Agency adheres to standards that will protect the environment so that our children can have access to clean air and water. Maintaining scientific integrity and using the latest research to protect and conserve our environment, is the only way towards truly protecting the environment.

  • Education

    Congressman Correa is deeply committed to the future of this country and understands that education is a fundamental part of that future. That is why Rep. Correa has actively fought to enact legislation that will help more people go to college by increasing resources for all students. Congressman Correa promotes educational policies that ensure all students can achieve their full academic potential.

  • Healthcare

    Ensuring everyone has access to affordable and quality healthcare is one of Congressman Correa’s top priorities. As a Member of Congress, he opposed the repeal of the Affordable Care Act because it would have left 22 million Americans without healthcare coverage. Congressman Correa has opposed deep cuts to Medicaid and Medicare. He has supported legislation to ensure that community health clinics continued to be funded. To create a better healthcare system for all Americans, Congressman Correa called for bipartisan solutions to improve the Affordable Care Act. He understands the urgency and need of healthcare for all Americans and will continue to support and strengthen healthcare reforms that reflect the needs of all Americans.

  • Immigration

    As a Member of Congress, Congressman Correa fights to protect individuals and families of all backgrounds. Congressman Correa supports DREAMers and understands the importance of protecting new Americans. Following the president’s Executive Orders on the travel ban, Congressman Correa introduced legislation to ensure that refugees, immigrants, and DREAMers have access to legal advice from immigration experts. Congressman Correa continues to advocate for comprehensive immigration reform. 

  • Jobs & Economy

    Congressman Correa understands that the path to the middle class starts with a good job. That is why he works tirelessly to help businesses and workers get their fair share. As a Member of Congress, Congressman Correa has supported legislation to drive innovation and support our local businesses and entrepreneurs. Congressman Correa understands that a strong economy is the backbone of a strong nation, and helping people achieve the American Dream depends on good jobs. 

  • National Security

    As a Member of the House Committee on Homeland Security, Congressman Correa has worked to ensure the safety of all Americans. His work on the Committee has consisted of strengthening security at air, land, and seaports. Congressman Correa's bipartisan work has led to additional drug detection canines at our borders and better cybersecurity to defend our networks. 

    As the Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Oversight and Management Efficiency, Congressman Correa has worked in a bipartisan manner to improve innovation and acquisitions for the Department of Homeland Security to eliminate waste and protect taxpayers.

  • Public Safety & Law Enforcement

    Congressman Correa has always stood by our nation’s first responders. Our nation’s first responders protect our communities. Congressman Correa believes in supporting our first responders and law enforcement officers. This is why he has supported legislation to protect officers and help them get access to the resources they need to better protect the communities they serve. 

  • Seniors

    Congressman Correa is committed to our nation’s seniors. He fights to protect Medicare and Social Security, and ensure the United States keeps its promise to seniors. Congressman Correa is also fighting for veteran senior. Right now 50% of veterans are over the age of 65. Congressman Correa’s work on the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee has helped veteran seniors get the benefits they earned. 

  • Transportation & Infrastructure

    Our nation’s infrastructure is imperative for the economic growth of our nation. Future generations depend on a strong Infrastructure to continue growing. Congressman Correa has advocated for increased investment Infrastructure. While in Congress, he has worked to reclassify Orange County’s John Wayne Airport as a “Port of Entry,” has introduced legislation to protect our cyber infrastructure from hackers, and supported plans to rebuild our nation’s crumbling bridges and roads. Congressman Correa is determined to ensure that tomorrow’s generation inherits an infrastructure capable of handling tomorrow’s world. 

  • Veterans

    Congressman Correa served our nation’s veterans on the House Veterans Affairs Committee. He is proud of the bipartisan work he and his colleagues have done to protect our nation’s veterans. Congressman Correa supported new funding for the Veterans’ Choice Act and supported the new GI Bill, which will allow a new generation of veterans to seek higher education. Congressman Correa is leading the way on medical marijuana for veterans. Medical marijuana helps veterans suffering from PTSD, and Congressman Correa believes our veterans deserve every treatment.