March 11, 2022

Rep. Correa Statement on Securing almost $16 million in Federal Funding for the District

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Washington, D.C. — Today, Rep. Lou Correa (D-CA) released the following statement on securing $15,614,000 funding for Community Projects in the bipartisan Omnibus spending bill for the Fiscal Year 2022:


"I am proud to announce I have obtained funding for community projects as part of the bipartisan Omnibus budget legislation that will help us address our domestic and international concerns. As our country continues to experience challenges from Covid-19, the rise of goods for working families, and humanitarian aid efforts for Ukraine, this government funding is a step forward to ensure we are investing and meeting American needs.


The community projects in my district will also address long-term concerns such as Covid-19, mental health, educational resources, veteran services, and climate change. These initiatives increase resources and opportunities for all of my constituents, including children and people of all ages. This is why I am thrilled to have secured  $15,614,000 in funding for nine projects in my district. I look forward to seeing the positive impact each project makes in our community.”


 Projects Funded

Project Name: CHOC Mental Health; Expanding Capacity in the Wake of Covid-19
Recipient: Children’s Hospital of Orange County
Amount Requested: $314,000 Amount Funded: $325,000
Project Description and Explanation: CHOC is seeking federal community project support to expand the hospital's capacity in the mental health space as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. CHOC will be utilizing federal funds, combined with private resources, to expand proven evidence based mental health treatment services and programs to reach more of the children and families of Orange County.

Project Name: La Palma Park Improvements
Recipient: City of Anaheim
Amount Funded: $2 million
Project Description and Explanation: La Palma Park currently provides very limited recreational opportunities for community members who are under-served and front line workers during COVID. Residents report that they do not use the park because: 1) they are intimidated by criminal activity and/or homeless presence, and 2) the park does not offer sufficient recreational opportunities. Funding will allow the City to activate the park by providing three new, natural-turf soccer fields and supporting amenities requested by residents

Project Name: Hart Park Pickleball and Fitness Circuit
Recipient: City of Orange
Amount Funded: $2 million
Project Description and Explanation: Hart Park Pickleball and Fitness Circuit is in a high-density community in Orange. There are currently limited recreational opportunities for community members.

Project Name: Santiago Creek Festival Grounds Transformative Project
Recipient: Discovery Cube Orange County
Amount Funded: $2 million
Project Description and Explanation: This proposal is an Economic Development Project aimed at an expansion of Discovery Cube Orange County, a non-profit children’s science center. Currently, the site increases drugs and crime in the city of Santa Ana, a majority minority, low-income community. This facility will both help public safety and provide a recreational and learning opportunity for the city and the region.

Project Name: RSCCD Digital Access Consortium
Recipient: Rancho Santiago Community College
Amount Funded: $2 million
Project Description and Explanation: The proposed project would convene a consortium of educational, community, workforce and economic development leaders to create digital resource centers to expand access to computers, internet services, digital literacy training, and individualized skill-development resources; provide flexible and accessible career education for in-demand occupations in the region that are part of career pathways; and provide digital marketing and e-commerce programs for small businesses, with targeted outreach to minority- and women-owned businesses.

Project Name: Park Improvements
Recipient: City of Garden Grove
Amount Funded: $1 million
Project Description and Explanation: Garden Grove proposes park improvements at three City parks. This is an underserved community who does not have access to quality outdoor recreational areas.

Project Name: Tierney Center for Veteran Services
Recipient: Goodwill Industries of Orange County
Amount Funded: $300,000
Project Description and Explanation: Orange County is the home to many veterans. Our district does not have a comprehensive center for them. This would provide a space for veterans to receive all the services that they need.

Project Name: Earth Systems Science and Data Solutions Lab
Recipient: Chapman University
Amount Funded: $1 million
Project Description and Explanation: Climate change is one of the key problems the world is confronting. Each year, California faces droughts that impact each person every day and hurt our state’s agriculture industry. The work of Chapman university will allow their science and mapping capabilities to have a real impact on the state.

Project Name: Coordinated Reentry Center
Recipient: Orange County
Amount Funded: $5 million
Project Description and Explanation: In recent years, there has been a significant shift in the criminal justice system to recognize criminal offenses often result from a mental illness or substance use disorder. The goal to reduce the number of individuals with a mental illness or substance use disorder in the jails is the basis of the nationwide.