March 01, 2022

Rep. Correa Names Local Dreamer Karla Segundo His Virtual Guest to the State Of The Union

Washington, D.C. — Today, Rep. Lou Correa (CA-46) is honored to be virtually joined by Anaheim Dreamer Karla Segundo to President Biden’s State of the Union Address to Congress. Karla was brought to the United States at six months old from Mexico and currently works for a trade association in Washington D.C. and is planning to attend law school to become an immigration and criminal justice lawyer. 

The State of the Union Address will emphasize President Biden's accomplishments as well as the work that remains to be done to deliver a meaningful immigration reform. Karla is one of the many Dreamers Congressman Correa has invited to join him in the State of the Union over the past few years. While in person attendance will be limited to Members of the House and Senate this year, Congressman Correa’s believes that inviting Karla Segundo as his virtual guest is essential to recognize and highlight the achievements of our Dreamers who are Americans in everything except official status.

Rep. Lou Correa said, "It is now more important than ever to keep the American dream alive. I wanted to honor one of the millions of Dreamers who have positively impacted my community and the country. During the Covid-19 pandemic, millions of undocumented immigrants stepped up to keep our country operating and are vital to the recovery. We owe it to our immigrant communities to protect them. I will continue to utilize my voice as a member of Congress to advocate for comprehensive immigration reform.”

Read About Karla’s story:

“I was brought into this country when I was six months old by my single mother who was fleeing an abusive home. My mother decided to come into this country with her six-month old baby daughter and her two-year old son. Since being in this country, I have lived  in Santa Ana, Garden Grove and Anaheim most of my life.  After graduating high school with honors, I attended community college because I couldn’t afford going straight to a four year university. After graduating with honors in Political Science, I transferred to California State University, Fullerton. I decided to attend CSUF because I was interested in their Cal State DC program. After the 2016 election, my life was so uncertain as an immigrant. I became involved in political campaigns during the 2018 midterm elections. Then in 2019, I reached my goal to be in DC for a semester to intern for a government relations firm. When I returned home, I interned for my hometown Congressman – Lou Correa. I graduated from with honors in Political Science.  

For me graduating with honors was not about being smart but rather being a hard worker and having the dedication to do the work. Just like myself, Dreamers are hard workers who want to be better and do better for their families. I have always been passionate about campaigns even though I cannot vote. I like to share my story with others and encourage them to do their civic duty and vote. To ensure we are electing the right people in office. I still dream of attending law school in the near future and become and immigration and criminal justice attorney. It is an honor and a privilege to be invited as a virtual guest for the State of the Union for Representative Correa. He who has been a champion for Dreamers and creating a pathway to citizenship. He is constantly trying to help the immigrant community in CA-46. His district office brought in lawyers and other individuals to help low income permanent residents to apply  for their citizenship. Congressman Lou Correa has been a great champion for immigrants in the district and I am thankful to have him as our Representative.”