February 29, 2024


WASHINGTON — Today, the Co-Chairs of the Congressional Energy Export Caucus, Representatives Lou Correa (D-CA), Carol Miller (R-WV), Henry Cuellar (D-TX), and Jodey Arrington (R-TX) released the below statement addressing Germany state-owned energy group, SEFE’s, decision to continue purchasing Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) from Russia. This announcement comes in response to the Biden Administration's pause on LNG exports from the United States.

“Russia continues to benefit from President Biden’s disruption of exports on U.S. liquefied natural gas. Because of this needless pause on U.S. LNG exports, Europe is forced to deal with Russia, while Russia continues to wage a war  against Ukraine. As Europe faces an energy crisis, we should be exporting LNG to our allies—thereby showing diplomatic and economic leadership to our European allies, while shoring up American energy production. America has proven time again that we produce energy cleaner, safer, and more efficiently than anywhere else in the world. That is why we asked the Biden Administration to reconsider its recent policy decision of pausing U.S. LNG exports. At a time when our European allies are facing an energy supply crisis, America’s energy production must respond to the world’s energy needs—and bring political and economic stability to the world,” the Co-Chairs of the Congressional Energy Export Caucus said.


  • German state-owned energy group SEFE has committed to keep a natural gas supply contract with Russia. The company has a contract to buy LNG from Venture Global’s CP2 plant in Louisiana that is unauthorized because of a temporary pause by the Biden Administration on new LNG exports.
  • Earlier this month, Correa led 8 members of the Blue Dog Coalition in a letter to President Joe Biden raising alarm over his Administration’s announced pause on approvals for new U.S. liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports. He highlighted that the U.S. LNG industry supports millions of good-paying American jobs and contributes trillions to the national GDP and urged the “Administration to reconsider the immediate pause and allow current applications to resume the approval process.”
  • Earlier this month, the Co-Chairs of the Congressional Energy Export Caucus sent a bipartisan letter to President Biden voicing their concern on the Administration’s decision to limit the export of U.S. LNG. The letter highlights how the Department of Energy’s proposed plan threatens the United States' national security, economy, and clean energy goals.