September 20, 2019

Weekly Wrap Up

Week 38 (September 21)

House Democrats have been working hard to prevent another government shutdown and passed a continuing resolution this week to extend government funding through November 21. House appropriators completed their work on Fiscal Year 2020 bills over the summer; the Senate, however, is far behind, requiring a continuing resolution. House Democrats are committed to providing American families, businesses, and communities with funding certainty while we wait for the Senate to pass their appropriations bills so we can negotiate a deal to fund the government for the entire fiscal year. 

This week on the House floor, House Democrats also voted to protect the American people by prohibiting the enforcement of mandatory, forced arbitration provisions in contracts involving consumers, employment, antitrust, and civil rights disputes. We are committed to protecting American consumers and workers from big powerful corporations by restoring access to justice for millions who are locked out of the court system and compelled to settle their disputes against companies in a biased private system of arbitration.

This Week’s Votes

This week, House Democrats passed: 

H.R. 1423 – Banning requirements to arbitrate employment, consumer, civil rights, and antitrust disputes from being imposed before a dispute arises.

  • Stops forced arbitration from being a pre-condition for obtaining a product, or for obtaining or continuing service or employment.

  • Allows consumers, workers, and family businesses to freely agree to arbitration when a dispute arises if they feel it is a better option for them than the courts.

  • Does not end pre-dispute arbitration in business-to-business agreements and would not apply to collective bargaining agreements.

H.R. 4378 – Extends government funding and health programs through November 21.

  • Avoids a government shutdown and provides families, businesses, and communities with budget continuity while we negotiate a long-term budget deal.

  • Prevents the disruption of childcare, workforce development, key family supports, and the availability of treatment to World Trade Center first responders and survivors.

  • Provides a package of extenders to critical public health programs expiring at the end of the month including Community Health Centers, Medicaid in Puerto Rico and the U.S. territories, and the Demonstration Program for Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics.

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Looking Ahead

Next week the House is expected to vote on important cannabis banking reform legislation, and a cybersecurity and counterterrorism bill. 

Additionally, Congressman Correa will participate in two critical House Judiciary Committee hearings on addressing assault weapon violence, and how President’s Muslim Ban harms our national security.

Don’t forget to join Congressman Correa at one of his upcoming community coffee events! Check the full list here.

Check back next week to learn how more about how Congressman Correa is fighting for Orange County.