June 16, 2022

Congressman Correa votes in support of the Lower Food and Fuel Costs Act

Votes to Lower Costs for Americans Across the Country

Washington, D.C. — Today Congressman Lou Correa (D-CA) voted in favor of the passage of the Lower Food and Fuel Costs Act.  Legislation that will lessen the burden for American families at the gas pump and the grocery store.
"Americans are struggling to afford two of the most basic necessities: food and fuel.  My colleagues and I are actively pushing for legislation to combat the recent levels of inflation. The war in Ukraine, lasting effects of the pandemic, and a variety of other external influences have caused a financial crisis for the American people.  Fuel should not cost five dollars a gallon, on average.  Ever.  Food should not be inflated to the point that families are unable to afford the most basic groceries.  It is our responsibility, as the voice of our constituents, to do everything within our power to restore reasonable price expectations for both food and fuel.”
Background: The Lower Food and Fuel Costs Act was introduced in response to the rising prices of fuel and food products across the nation.  The bill requires the USDA Office of the Special Investigator for Competition Matters to investigate and prosecute any violators of the Packers and Stockyards Act of 1921.  This bill grants the office the authority to bring any civil or administrative action authorized by that act against a packer; the office must provide notice to the Department of Justice (DOJ) about such actions brought in federal district court.

In response to the economic strain endured by many California families, Rep. Correa voted YES on the passage of this bill.  He will continue to work alongside his colleagues on both sides of the aisle to combat this ongoing issue.