July 19, 2023

Why mainstreaming psychedelics isn't generating a fuss

What we're watching: Psychedelic research has long been conducted by private companies, but lawmakers now are pushing for more federal funding.

  • "We're looking at essentially trying to figure out what this stuff is good for," Rep. Lou Correa (D-Calif.), co-chair of the Congressional Psychedelics Advancing Therapies Caucus, told Axios.
  • One of the bipartisan caucus' goal is to have the Department of Veterans Affairs research how veterans can benefit from psychedelics, which Correa says are "a revolutionary treatment ... for mental health issues and for addiction in our society."
  • Veterans leading the efforts to mainstream psychedelics could make wider acceptance more likely, prompting that treatment to eventually reach the general public.
  • "The veteran voice is helping to bring this to the limelight, but it's also helping to reduce the stigma around these types of therapies," said Juliana Mercer, director of veteran advocacy and public policy for Healing Breakthrough, a group focused on making MDMA-assisted therapy available to veterans with PTSD.

By:  Sabrina Moreno Oriana González
Source: Axios