July 17, 2023

Blue Lotus, Four Horsemen, Hydra and Pelican Bones: How the US fights the fentanyl crisis

Rep. Lou Correa of California said he wanted to bring them up − and discuss them − in order to get a sense of how DHS is attacking the fentanyl crisis from various directions.

"This is an excellent sign that we actually have people on the ground that understand the facts and are engaged in solving each and every aspect of the challenge in front of us, which is whether it's money laundering or it's the actual fentanyl trafficking," Correa said in an interview Friday. "Because the challenge that we have is that this thing is massive," in a reference to the fentanyl crisis.

Operations Blue Lotus and Four Horsemen: These Customs and Border Protection, or CBP, initiatives resulted in the seizure of nearly 10,000 pounds of fentanyl headed for U.S. communities, and led to 284 arrests. “I understand that the Department has used the insights gained from these two operations to launch the next phase of its campaign to target and prevent fentanyl from entering the United States,” Correa said.

By:  Josh Meyer
Source: USA Today