July 06, 2021

Rep. Lou Correa Applauds Biden Administration’s Plan To Help Deported Veterans

California Congressman Has Long History Fighting For Deported Veterans

Washington, D.C. — Today, Congressman Lou Correa released the following statement regarding the recent partnership announced by the Biden Administration to protect veterans from deportation and assist those who have already been deported. 

Rep. Lou Correa said, "I applaud President Biden for finally stepping up to help deported veterans. Throughout my career, I have continuously called on our leaders to end veteran deportation and repatriate those who have been cast out. These veterans risked their lives for our nation, and deserve our compassion and gratitude. After years of work, I am very grateful that President Biden is taking steps to end the cruel practice of deporting veterans and help those affected by it."

BACKGROUND: Congressman Lou Correa has a long history of fighting for deported veterans. As the Chairman of the Veterans Affairs Committee in the California State Senate brought awareness to the issue and the needs of immigrant veterans. In Congress, Congressman Correa has continued this work.

In Congress, Congressman Correa has continued this work. While serving on the House Veterans Affairs Committee, he worked tirelessly to bring attention to deported veterans. Additionally, he chaired the first hearing on Deported Veterans on the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration. Congressman Correa will continue to fight for all American service members, especially those cast out by our arcane immigration laws. 


Rep. Lou Correa represents California's 46th Congressional District. He serves as Chair of the House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Oversight, Management, and Accountability, and is a Member of the House Judiciary Committee and the House Agriculture Committee. Read more here.