December 09, 2021

Rep. Correa Amendments in the Protecting Our Democracy Act Pass in the House

Washington, D.C. — Today, Congressman Lou Correa (CA-46) released the following statement applauding the House passage of his amendments as part of the Protecting Our Democracy Act.
Rep. Correa said, "My first amendment would close a Freedom of Information Request loophole that allows federal agencies to disregard the oversight of Congress and treat oversight requests from Members of Congress as Freedom of Information requests from the public. This amendment would strengthen the ability of Congress to get information from the Executive Branch in a timely manner.
My second amendment would propel our government into the 21st century and require all Congressionally mandated reports to be transmitted to Congress in machine readable format. It's common sense, and we should be able to search and find information within hundreds of pages of reports.
My amendments strengthen Congressional oversight of the Executive Branch by enhancing government transparency. Our democracy depends on transparency and oversight. We are restoring the checks and balances that Congress needs to have over the presidency."