March 20, 2024


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Ranking Member Correa (CA-46), the top Democrat on the House Administrative State, Regulatory Reform, and Antitrust Subcommittee, led his Democratic colleagues during a hearing entitled “Reining in the Administrative State: Agency Adjudication and Other Agency Action” to examine regulatory agencies and the safety of consumers. 

You can watch today’s hearing HERE.

You will find below Ranking Member Correa’s opening statement, as prepared for delivery: 

Thank you, Mr. Chairman. My constituents want to know that when they shop at the grocery store or fill a prescription at the pharmacy, the food and drugs they get are safe. They want to know that the parks and playgrounds where they take their kids aren’t polluted or harmful to their health. And they want to know that wherever they work, whether it’s in a factory or an office, their employer will protect their safety while they’re there and respect their right to join a union if they choose.

Most of my constituents don’t focus on what Administrative Law Judges do or how federal agencies issue regulations, they care about the results – that they and their families are safe and treated fairly.  That is why they pay us.

That’s why I’m so concerned by the efforts we see from some here in Washington to make it harder for agencies to do their jobs. Legislation proposed by the Majority would leave people in my community and all over America worse off by paralyzing the very agencies responsible for looking after our food supply, our environment, our free market, our medications, and so much more.

The Supreme Court will decide three cases this year which, taken together, could tie down our agencies in a new wave of litigation and uncertainty, ultimately harming ordinary Americans and businesses on main street.

Mr. Chairman, while some will claim that the administrative state threatens free enterprise, today’s economy is stronger than it’s ever been. Under President Biden, we’ve seen strong economic growth, millions of new jobs have been created, and inflation has come down. Clearly, a thriving economy and a functioning government with reasonable regulations crafted by experts can exist side by side.

These rulings will replace the work of experts with the unqualified opinions of judges. The courts will be overburdened, and cases will be put off – sometimes for many years. For those seeking a fair and speedy trial, the result of these rulings epitomizes the saying “justice delayed is justice denied.”

So instead of attacking our regulatory agencies, let’s help them do their jobs better. Give them the resources they need to carry out their missions. Let them use their experience and expertise to decide the tough questions that come before them. Protect their independence so that they are making decisions that are best for the American people, not special interests. 

That will keep our economy moving forward and give our constituents at home the peace of mind they deserve that their government prioritizes their wellbeing.

I thank the Chairman for calling this hearing and look forward to hearing from our witnesses today. I yield back the balance of my time.