November 27, 2023


Correa’s Legislation, the BUMP Act, Would Establish Locally Sponsored Funds to Support Businesses Facing Interruption, Closure Amid Federally-Funded Transportation Projects

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SANTA ANA, CA – Today, Representative Lou Correa (CA-46) hosted local elected officials and local business owners for a small business tour in Santa Ana—providing business owners with a chance to voice their concerns and discuss how new federal legislation, led by Correa, would protect them from financial fallout at the hand of local transportation disruptions.

“Local businesses should be the first ones to benefit from new roads and highways—not be forced to close their doors and lose millions in revenue because of the construction,” Correa said. “That’s why I wanted to hear from our local small business owners today, and take their stories back to Washington to encourage my colleagues to pass my bill, the BUMP Act—to ensure that businesses like theirs stay afloat, no matter what transportation project pops up in their neighborhood.”


Rep. Correa, local elected officials speak to small business owners

Rep. Correa and local elected officials visited Telas Fabrics and The Pizza Press, businesses located on 4th Street in Santa Ana, CA, who have been negatively impacted by transportation disruptions in the area. They discussed the BUMP Act, legislation that Correa recently introduced, and how it would help keep businesses and nonprofits like them afloat when they are affected by major transit and highway projects. They also visited the location of a former bridal and quinceañera shop on 4th Street, My Dream Boutique, which had to close its doors as a result of transportation disruptions in the area.


Rep. Correa speaks to small business owner impacted by transportation disruptions

Recently in Santa Ana, a major transit project blocked access to downtown storefronts and business owners struggled to pay their expenses—ultimately, some of these businesses were forced to close. The BUMP Act will ensure that local businesses are able to pay utilities, insurance, rent or mortgage, payroll, or loss of income. 

“Our local business owners are part of the economic fabric of our communities, and they deserve our support if federally-funded projects are interrupting their day-to-day operations. Local businesses should not have to bear the burden of progress,” Correa concluded.

The BUMP Act requires local sponsors of major transit and highway projects to create a funding pool that will provide impacted businesses with monetary relief to cover expenses during interruption by transportation construction—including those that impede customers’ access to their store fronts. This funding would be allowed to cover utilities, insurance, rent or mortgage, payroll, loss of income for impacted businesses. You can read more about the BUMP Act, and how it would impact small businesses, HERE.