November 14, 2023


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Representative Lou Correa (CA-46) (again) voted to avert a government shutdown and released the following statement:

“Today, I joined a bipartisan coalition of my colleagues to keep our government open for its citizens, and ensure that the national security of this country isn’t put at risk—though this does feel a little like déjà vu,” Correa said. “Threatening to shut our government down without long-term bipartisan solutions is not fair to anyone—not to our troops, our seniors, our veterans, or Orange County families. Rest assured, I will always prioritize our national security and will never stop fighting to ensure our community’s working families are kept out of harm’s way.”


ABOUT LOU: Congressman Lou Correa is a longtime Orange County resident, with deep local roots. To this day, he lives only three miles from his childhood neighborhood in Anaheim. He is the son of working-class parents whose hard work gave him a chance at success, and has spent his career fighting to protect the American Dream, and ensure anyone can reach the middle class, just as he did. In 2016, Lou was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives to continue his work by representing the community he has spent the past 20 years serving, fighting to give everyone access to the same opportunity he had. Congressman Correa is committed to working across party lines to strengthen the middle class and give everyone a shot at the American Dream by investing in education, healthcare, and our fading infrastructure, and has introduced legislation to protect the legal rights of immigrants, care for veterans, and fight against the wasteful spending of taxpayer money.