December 17, 2021

Weekly Wrap Up

(December 17)

This week Rep. Correa was in Washington D.C. for votes to raise the debt limit ceiling and went back to Orange County to Honor a WWII Veteran.

The Congressman met with Bill Rowe to honor and present him with the Congressional Record to WWII for his 100th birthday. Bill is an American hero and an Army Air Corps 1st pilot who flew 15 missions, and we thank him for his service to our country.

The Weekly Rundown 

 On Monday, Congressman Correa cosponsored the National Wildland Fire Risk Reduction Program Act, which is a comprehensive science authorization bill that will address the nation’s preparedness and response to wildfires by identifying and investing in research and development, setting up warning and forecast systems, developing observation and sensing technologies, and standardizing data collection efforts. The congressman also cosponsored the Humane Cosmetics Act to substantially restrict the use of animal testing for cosmetics.

On Tuesday, Congressman Correa joined his colleagues in urging congressional leadership to provide more support to small businesses by expediting a targeted relief package to fund all previously approved Restaurant Revitalization Fund applications and allows businesses in the hospitality, fitness, live events, and travel industries to apply for federal funds.

On Tuesday evening, Congressman Correa voted to increase the debt ceiling and prevent the United States from defaulting on its obligations. Then, the congressman voted to pass a resolution to recommend that the Department of Justice pursue criminal charges against former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows for failing to appear for a deposition with the select committee investigating the January 6 attack on the US Capitol. The congressman also joined his colleagues to pass the Combating International Islamophobia Act to address worldwide Islamophobia. To listen to Congressman Correa’s remarks supporting this important legislation, click here.

On Wednesday, Congressman Correa moderated a Blue Dog Coalition roundtable on the supply chain crisis, alongside Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger. The congressman was also joined by Gene Seroka, the Director of the Port of Los Angeles. Congressman Correa also led a bipartisan letter with Fullerton Congresswoman Young Kim to urge congressional leadership to create a Select Committee on the Supply Chain Crisis.

On Thursday, Congressman Correa led his colleagues in two efforts to continue support for Afghan refugees. The first effort was to urge President Biden to increase direct vaccine donations to Afghan refugees through Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance and the Humanitarian Buffer. The second effort to support Afghan refugees was to call on the House Appropriations Committee to provide more aid to humanitarian organizations addressing the Afghan refugee crisis.

Catch Us In The News

  • Spectrum News 1 | Congressman Correa drafted a letter of support this week for Raul Rodriguez, a DACA recipient who was barred from entering the U.S. for 10 years after traveling to Mexico as part of the process he was undertaking to gain U.S. citizenship. Mr. Rodriguez’s is now separated from his wife and 3-month old twin boys and is seeking to appeal his case.  
  • Marijuana Moment | Rep. Correa recently talked with Dennis McDonough, Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs, about how cannabis can ease PTSD in veterans. Rep. Correa has been working with the administration to allow for more research into the medical uses of cannabis. 

What We’re Reading

  •  OC Register | The Department of Justice recently announced an indictment containing charges against three oil companies for the 25,000 gallon oil spill that occurred off of Huntington Beach earlier this year. Read more about the companies and the indictment by clicking here.
  • WSJ | In response to a shortage of truck drivers that has worsened the ongoing supply chain crisis, the Biden Administration is taking steps to support training and recruitment opportunities to increase the number of truck drivers nationally. Retention and quality are the main priorities of the initiative, which you can read more about here.
  • WaPo | In the ongoing effort to address the root causes of migration from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador—the three countries known as the Northern Triangle—Vice President Kamala Harris announced $1.2 billion in investments from private sector companies like PepsiCo, Mastercard, and Cargill to bolster economic opportunity and increase stability in the region.  

Looking Ahead

Stay tuned as Congressman Correa heads back to the district to have final meetings with constituents before the holiday season.