June 13, 2023

Can psychedelics cure? This New Yorker says ‘yes' – and is taking on Congress

Jon Kostas is a recovered alcoholic who turned his life around by using psychedelic-assisted therapy, a controversial healing method that Kostas is rallying for support in Congress.

Walters created the first-ever Psychedelics Advancing Therapies (PATH) Caucus last year in Congress. In March, Rep. Lou Correa (D-CA) and Rep. Jack Bergman (R-MI) re-launched the bi-partisan initiative for the 118th Congress to address the mental health crisis, particularly facing the U.S. veterans.

"To hear a Navy seal tell you that they are contemplating suicide and that this treatment is the only thing that saved them. To have the spouses tell you the same thing as they teared up is evidence that the treatment is working. For us to wait as a legislative body, for what?" Rep. Correa told NBC 4.

By:  Linda Gaudino
Source: NBC4 New York