August 27, 2023

A Time For Chicanos and Chicanas

In 2022, Lou Corea, a Chicano, who represents Anaheim, Santa Ana, Stanton, Fullerton, and Orange, introduced into the house a resolution declaring the month of August as Chicano Heritage Month. 

This year, he submitted a similar resolution.

But this Correa titled it, Chicano-Chicana Heritage Month. 

“We have to make sure our sisters are recognized for their tremendous contribution. I want to make sure it doesn’t say just Chicano, that people don’t think they’re being overlooked,” said Correa, “Our mothers, our daughters, our sisters are definitely part of our heritage.” 

Some attendees at the festival agreed.

“Every time you do a first, there is always room for improvement, I think that it shows that we are open to change and we are not just going to continue with the static interpretation,” said Jeanette Rodriguez, who considers herself a Chicana, “ reintroducing it [the resolution] in an inclusive way– I am all for that.” 

By:  Julie Leopo
Source: Voice of OC